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The Kirana retail chain

100+ Kirana Shops

Sourcing from stockist

Web and mobile app for online orders

Delivery in 10 minutes or free


What We Offer

Start your fully managed smart kirana business with Growceries' franchise opportunity.

  • Invest 4Lakh onwards

  • The store is set up and fully managed by 'Growceries' - a unit of Aiqusec Retail & Wholesale P(Ltd)

  • Safe investment - quick ROI within 3 months

  • Upto 12% monthly returns

  • Flexible exit options

Grocery Bag

Why Choose us?

Revolutionary concept

We source products in bulk quantities as a stockiest which enables us to offer d-mart like discounts at our kirana chain-stores. Introducing discounting model at kirana stores result in high volume sales.

Order online from our whatsapp shop

No hassle installing another app to order from your neighborhood Kirana store, just open your whatsapp to access our store.

Corporate backing with a neighbourhood store front

Our shops are neighbour friendly and look like any traditional Kirana store but power backed by the corporate management and legal structure.

10 minute delivery or free

We promise to deliver your orders in 10 minutes, if delayed, your order is free.

Make your own basket

Subscribe your breakfast

Subcribe to auto deliveries to receive a new receipe for breakfast everyday along with all items to prepare at home.


Sync your diet

Sync our app with, or send us your diet plan, to receive custom receipes with all items to cook at home.

Diet Plans

Source your needs

Order organic vegetables, fresh fruits, farm eggs, milk, rice, wheat and pulses directly from the farm or mill of your choice and we'll deliver it home.

Rewards,... &More!

Your loyalty is rewarded

Get a purchase credit of upto 25,000 for all your grocery shopping.

Rewards for every purchase

accumulate 1% loyatly cashback points on every purchase however small or large.

Share your rewards

True reward is when you can share it with your world. Share your rewards with any friend or family by transfering your points to their UID.

Donate from your heart

You can choose to donate all your reward points to various non profit events or donate them yourself to any charity of your choosing.

How to start your investment journey

Send us an email or reach out to us on call or whatsapp, our team will explain to you the opportunity in detail and guide you on how to move forward.
Pick your suitable investment option and verify all plan related documents clearly before signing the contract and moving forward with your franchise lease.
Once the store is setup, sit back, relax and await your returns and enjoy a stable, easy returns while we manage your store with at most care and responsibility.


  • How much do I have to invest?
    You can invest from 40 lakhs onwards.
  • Where will the store be setup?
    Currently we are only focusing on Bangalore city, thus all stores will be opened in Bangalore itself.
  • Do I have to be present at the store?
    No. All stores setup on Growceries' name will be fully managed by our staff and weekly sales reports and monthly profit reports will be automatically e-mailed to the respective investor.
  • What returns can I expect from a store?
    You shall receive 6% - 12% monthly ROI for a period of 12 months after the initial 3 months of cooling / traction generation period.
  • What if the store goes into loss?
    Every store is optimized for maximum success by our in-house research and marketing teams. Only 1 out of 100 Kirana stores in India succumb to losses and it's caused due to improper planning of stock or inexperienced sourcing of products with very low profit margins. At growceries we optimise all such factors and losses are almost never expected. In worst case scenario, remember that all the stock at the store can always be sold out to another store for capital recovery.
  • Will I have complete ownsership of the shop?
    Ownership of the store will still remain with Aiqusec, however the investor will enter into a 15 months lease agreement that states although the store is managed by Aiqusec, 8% - 12% ROI will be paid to the investor on monthly basis. The investor can ask for sales reports, gst filings, and other documents anytime during the lease period.
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