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Who We Are

Aiqusec is an aggregated Kirana retail chain that aims to launch 1000+ Kirana shop like retail outlets in Bangalore. The stores are fully managed by our team while the investors sit back, relax and enjoy a stable income through our shop leasing model.

Our mission is to help reduce the food insecure people in India, by creating a smarter, cheaper supply chain system for everyday groceries, which can tremendouly reduce costs to the end consumer. Aiqusec's Growceries stores function as a full time Kirana store with an online front- accepting orders through our web and mobile applications. By the year 2025, we aim to have captured at least 60% of Bangalore's entire Kirana revenue before expanding to other tier-I cities.

We aim to bring out the full potential of mom & pop stores in India united under a single corporate front and use the resulting benifits to enable better affordability on all basic grocery needs. The retail industry in India is under going a huge revolution and we are sure to rewrite the evolution altogether and achieve a zero food insecure India by the year 2030.

We invite you to make the change

Take part in changing the way India retails, be an early investor and reap the profits you have always known to exist in small businesses but could not spare the time or resort your life to sit in a Kirana store. We extend to you an opportunity to be a small part of a big change. Its' time to trust your instincts.

Core Values


Bringing to every street the smart Kirana shop that provides discounts even on Centerfresh- with the most innovative idea in the retail history of India.


All our stores are tech enabled and that allows as to be as transparent as possible. Investors can view their stores' live cc cameras, check stock database, view weekly sales reports, and more by logging in to the dedicated portal.


Leasing a Kirana store is definetely not a jackpot, but rest assured it is one of the safest investments and provide assuringly most stable returns. investing 40 Lakhs on a Kirana shop to earn 10% per month is like having a secure second job. 

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